Loyle Carner is having a big ‘ol birthday party at Brixton Academy in October

What better way is there to celebrate then with your biggest headline show to date
Last time we went to a birthday party it involved a lot of crushed berry smoothies and one of the guys from Blue singing karaoke – so Loyle Carner has definitely stepped things up with a newly announced headline show at London’s Brixton Academy.

Falling on his birthday itself, the show on October 6th adds to what’s already been a huge year – releasing debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ back in January and following that with a mammoth run of headline dates up and down the country.

That Brixton show is going to be a special one, with Loyle revealing to us earlier in the year that going to see Kanye West at the famed venue inspired him to create and head down the path we see him today. “It was the first time I realised there were so many people listening to the same stuff as me. Rap was a big, big thing in America but it didn’t seem like it was over here… Everyone was just going crazy over The Libertines” he recalled, “What blew my mind was how many hip-hop heads there were out and about on a day to day basis.”

You can read more of our chat with Loyle right here,

Making his own history now, tickets for the show are on sale from Friday (March 3rd)