Lunch Money Life have dropped their new single ‘Superego’, plus an interactive game

'Immersion Chamber' is due on 3rd April.

Lunch Money Life have dropped their new single, ‘Superego’.

It’s a cut from their upcoming ‘Immersion Chamber’, due on 3rd April, and arrives alongside ‘Superego – The Game’, described by a press release as “a highly interactive website in which visitors can easily inhabit a Lunch Money Life member of their choosing, and explore complex worlds all whilst under the watchful eye of… who knows?”

“Superego was written and recorded during a period of disquiet for the band,” the group explain. “The charity had not long ago folded and the band was undergoing subsequent lineup change. 

“We had just finished building our first studio at All Saints, and as a result, we had begun to regularly experience the natural reverb of the Church space, all the while sucking up the atmosphere of choral music by which we were newly surrounded. 

“An initial bed of ambient field recordings were recorded one night at the Church and later combined with the more significantly rhythmic parts of drums, bass and guitar, before being formally glued together by Danalogue at Total Refreshment Studios.”

Check out ‘Superego’ below, and the game at

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