Newcomer Lutalo impresses with new EP taster ‘Call It In’

The track is taken from the forthcoming 'Once Now, Then Again', set for release this May.
Photo credit: Keegan Burckhard.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Lutalo – fresh from touring the states alongside Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker – has dropped a new single, ‘Call It In’.

Speaking about the track, they explain: “This song follows a stream of thought I have rolling internally. Wrestling with two waves of thought, one recognizing the personal expectation of being a mature and put together adult in the vision of our culture, and the other questioning if any of those thoughts even have a base to stand on in a changing world.”

The project of Lutalo Jones, a Minneapolis-raised artist who now resides in the rural mountains of Vermont, ‘Call It In’ is the first taster of a forthcoming EP, ‘Once Now, Then Again’, set for release this May.

Lutalo explains; “I tend to grapple with a lot of existential questioning, I wanted to capture what it feels like to be a twenty-something in this time period, reflecting on our relationship with technology, the internet, relationships, world governments, housing…all while discovering what it means to be an adult and how our definition of what that looks like begins to shift. The vision I have for this project is not so much genre-based as it is sound-based, and that sound is just a reflection of me. I didn’t want any boundaries because I’m not trying to replicate anything that’s come before, I only want to be adding to music in some way.”

A warm, introspective introduction, ‘Call It In’ is a textured, organic first introduction to an artist that pulls together a smorgasbord of influences to make something both delicate and tangible. Check it out below.

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