Mae Muller has released her intimate new single and video, ‘MTJL’

"I just wanted it to be a diary entry," she says.

Mae Muller has released her new single and video, ‘MTJL’.

It’s the latest cut from her debut album, ‘Sorry I’m Late’. The record features 17 tracks and is set for release on 15th September.

Mae says of the track: “I think it was really important for me to have a moment where it was just going to be really stripped-back, just me and a guitar. I just wanted it to be a diary entry – I wasn’t worried about the usual verse, pre-chorus, chorus structure of the song as such, I just wanted to get it off my chest. I feel like as humans we’re very good at being hard on ourselves and we all want what we can’t have, so this track was just a big outpouring of all my insecurities. I definitely have a lot but I’m learning to accept them, it’s what makes us human. I think this is probably the best song I’ve written lyrically, and I’m very proud of it.”

The album also features previously released singles ‘I Just Came To Dance,’ ‘Better Days’ featuring Polo G, and ‘I Wrote A Song’ – her contribution to the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

Mae Muller’s ‘Sorry I’m Late’ tracklist reads:

1. ‘I Just Came To Dance’
2. ‘Sorry Daniel’
3. ‘Bitch With A Broken Heart’
4. ‘I Wrote A Song’
5. ‘Me, Myself & I’
6. ‘Tatiana’ (feat. Dylan)
7. ‘Somebody New’
8. ‘I Wish I Could Hate You’
9. ‘Little Bit Sad’
10. ‘MTJL’
11. ‘Breathe’
12. ‘Something Real’
13. ‘Nervous (In A Good Way)’
14. ‘Better Days’ (NEIKED x Mae Muller x Polo G)
15. ‘Porn Lied To Us’
16. ‘Miss America’
17. ‘Written By A Woman’

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