The Magic Gang: “We can do whatever we want”

A band in control, The Magic Gang are having fun.
“The Magic Gang feels a bit like The Avengers,” starts frontman Jack Kaye. “Four superheroes working together to make super music.” And while guitarist Kris Smith, bassist Gus Taylor, drummer Paeris Giles and Jack may not technically have super powers (or costumes), they do form a formidable team. “This band feels like more of a shared thing. It’s a democracy,” he continues.

And that sense of unity runs rampant throughout The Magic Gang’s music. Melodic, captivating and swirling, the band are four pendulums swinging in perfect symmetry. Starting life with Jack and Kris writing a song together, recruiting Paeris and convincing Gus to pick up a bass for the first time, The Magic Gang put a song on YouTube. People loved it, and the four “figured we should probably do this more often.”

A handful of singles and ‘The Magic Gang’ EP soon followed and now, after figuring things out, the band have a clearer idea of their next attack plan. Despite the audience’s reaction driving their decision to chase this band, The Magic Gang aren’t here to pander. “We’re trying to stay one step ahead of what people expect. It’s important to maintain the elements that people like, but do something that’s fresh and unexpected with them. In an exciting way, not an alienating way.”

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With all their bouncing around, The Magic Gang have quickly discovered what feels right for them. “We’re doing an EP at the moment, which we can hopefully put out this year but I imagine when we do our album, it’ll sound more like this EP than anything else. It won’t be something else again. We’ve gone from 90s influences to 70s and now we’re going back to the 60s again. You go on this massive journey of sounds and you end up back where you started. That’s a necessary journey though,” explains Chris.

Despite their ever-growing backlog of songs, the band are careful with what they share. “We have total creative freedom,” offers Gus. “We can do whatever we want. We could put out a song tomorrow if we wanted but it’s about playing it smart and being selective. Everything we put out, we want people to pay attention to.”

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