Mahalia has shared a heartwarming new track, ‘Bag Of You’

The song arrived with a music video accompaniment today, November 11th, via Atlantic Records UK.

Mahalia has returned for a triumphant celebration of healthy attachment on her new single, ‘Bag Of You’.

The new track follows the release of her May EP, ‘Letter To Ur Ex’, and the recent completion of a headline tour that concluded last month in North America. It has also arrived alongside a new music video, self-directed in collaboration with Oli Kane.

Mahalia hails the new track as one of her favourites, adding that ‘Bag Of You’ is, “all about that sweet spot in a relationship when everything is just lovely. where the idea of being without that person – even just for a second – is too much to bear. I love everything about this record. It’s definitely the start of what’s to come next year.”

“I’ve always been a pretty open book,” she has explained via social media. “I think I get it from my mum. So, I was never scared to tell anybody how I was feeling. Particularly a love interest.

I would rather shoot my shot and miss than wonder what would have happened if I did. Opening up about what and how you feel in your heart is so important, in my opinion. Letting others know what’s going on for you. Telling that person how they make you feel.”

“I think so many of us shy away from it out of fear of being rejected,” she adds, “and I get that, I really do. But on the flip… I say go for it. You get one go around this life. Be bold. Put your phone down more and focus on real, genuine connections. Fuck what anybody else thinks.”

You can listen to ‘Bag Of Youhere, and watch the official music video below:

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