Maïa Vidal premieres new ‘Mama (Told Me So Again)’ video

The New York and Barcelona-based artist has reworked a track from her last album.
Maïa Vidal has teamed up with her mum to create a new video for ‘Mama (Told Me So Again)’ – watch it below, first on Dork. Together, they splice together newly shot footage and animation with old home videos to create a quirky and charming clip.

“My mother, Noni Korf, has always been a huge force in my life, both personally and artistically,” explains Maïa. “Besides just being the most awesome mom ever, she’s been mentioned at least once in every album I’ve written and almost all of the music videos I’ve made over the years have been in collaboration with her. She is, as formerly mentioned, the BEST, but also she tends to always be right. Some advice from a mother can be hard to hear, and when it comes to leaving a bad relationship it can be particularly tricky to both hope that she’s wrong and know that she’s NEVER wrong. ‘Mama Told Me So’ is about saying goodbye to that doomed love story while reluctantly acknowledging that once again, your mama told you so.

“For the video, my mother and I wanted to create something intimate and deeply personal but at the same time silly and irreverent. Instead of focusing on a polished conceptual idea, we set off to just have fun and make something with a lot of heart. Revisiting the animated aesthetic of one of our first music video together, The Alphabet of My Phobias, as well as years of home videos, she and I blended childhood, adulthood and motherhood together, sprinkled it with our real-life goofy summer antics and voila!… the perfect cure for getting over a breakup!”

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