Marika Hackman has dropped a brand new track, ‘the one’

It's from her new album 'Any Human Friend', which is set to arrive on 9th August.

Marika Hackman has dropped a brand new track, ‘the one’.

It’d only be a tenuous spoiler to hint that our Marika’s third album, ‘Any Human Friend’, is quite probably one of our favourite records of the year so far. Due to arrive on 9th August, she’s revealing a second track from it.

‘the one’ is as razor sharp as to be expected, with a delightfully clipped guitar part that’s sort-of-Blondie’s-Heart-of-Glass-y, but definitely awesome. You can check it out ‘below’.

Speaking about the album in the current issue of Dork, Marika explains: “It’s quite sexual. I think that’s where the shock for my parents comes from; there are songs about masturbation and fucking, lots of stuff like that. It’s a really funny record, I always approach everything with a sense of humour, so it’s natural that my songwriting when I’m dealing with themes and concepts that are slightly darker or more intense I generally approach them with a sense of humour. I find it quite a funny listen.”

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