Marika Hackman is gearing up to “reinvent” herself on that upcoming new album

There’s some artwork and some teases on what’s ahead - and it looks like it’s going to involve more of The Big Moon
When Marika Hackman dropped fresh single ‘Boyfriend’ earlier in the month, we knew something special was afoot – and now we’re getting an insight into the wonders that lie ahead, with the album apparently titled ‘I’m Your Man’.

Unveiled on Creative Review, the album’s extraordinary cover artwork (created by Tristan Pigott) has been revealed, featuring Marika whacking mayo on some snacks and The Big Moon larking around the house (whether that’s on the phone, chilling on the bed or simply checking out a magazine) – suggesting that the band’s involvement on the record is quite an extensive one that lasts far further than lead single ‘Boyfriend’.

Along with a full album track listing, it’s an exciting insight into what’s ahead. An insight that’s extended with Marika’s comments on The Great Escape’s website (which, y’know – she’ll be playing this year), explaining how the new album is set to be a real shift in the usual style you’ve come to expect.

As Marika explains: “I used to be very self-conscious, If something sounded a bit too pop or like I’d heard it before I’d mould it into something different. This time around I thought, Fuck it I’ll just let it flow.”

“I can’t wait to see the reaction, that’s the thrill of reinventing yourself. I might piss off a lot of die-hard folky fans but this is still my brain, it’s still my world, and I’m gonna create it how I want.”

All we know, is that our anticipation levels have just gone through the roof about what’s coming up. In the meantime, check out ‘Boyfriend’ below

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