Marika Hackman is “herding cats” at Glastonbury 2017

So much to do, so little time.
Marika Hackman has a busy rest of 2017 coming up. She’s off on tour with The Big Moon in the US (“That’s going to be really fun, really hot though”), before returning to the UK for her own headline tour. Before that, though, she’s at Glastonbury, where she played earlier today (25th June).

“It’s a strange place,” she told Dork before her set. “If someone explained it to me – I’d be like, it sounds like my idea of absolute hell. But actually, I really enjoyed it last time I was here, and I’m having a really great time this time.

“It’s kind of a strange energy, it’s just so massive, and there’s so much to do, it’s kind of a bit overwhelming. I saw Radiohead and Katy Perry, then Warpaint. I just saw Real Estate too; they were quite cool.”

Her highlight? “Warpaint last night, I was in the front row. We got there, and it was 15 minutes before they were due to play, and it was a straight up easy walk straight up to the front, and then ten minutes later it was really full. It was just like, jackpot, we just got in there. That was really cool to see them that close up too. Last time that happened I was 18 and living in Brighton.

“On Friday night we just watch Radiohead, and then I can’t remember what happened. I was at the Crows Nest, and I danced for a while and stayed on that hill till like 6. My bassist Jelly was like, let’s stay up to watch the sunrise, and then it was cloudy, so we didn’t see the sunrise, it just got light. It was like, ‘Okay, let’s go home’. Then we set out to find our tent.

“It’s like herding cats, this festival.”

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