MassMatiks serve up a prime slice of ‘MEAT’ with their new track

You can hear it on Dork first, and it’s going to kick out any of your weekday cobwebs
We like it when acts don’t hold back. When everything they have just bursts out from the first note and they grab you right from the get-go. That’s really good isn’t it? That’s exactly what MassMatiks have done with new number ‘MEAT’, a rowdy kick to the chest that’ll have you up and at ‘em in no time.

After spending 2016 on the road with the likes of Don Broco and playing shows up and down the country, MassMatiks are something to be reckoned with. ‘MEAT’ is a prime cut from their butchers selection, full of that tectonic abandon and venomous spits that call to mind Rage Against The Machine if they were careering around Brixton on a Saturday night. Urgent and in-your-face, it’s the sound of a band taking that next huge step towards the big leagues.

Chatting about the track, frontman George Peploe explains: ‘MEAT is about people who enjoy spreading gossip and poke fun out of delivering bad news to you. Then right at the moment when it all gets too much, you have an epiphany and begin to not care about what people think.’

Having sold-out big nights at The Garage and the Camden Assembly in London through 2016, MassMatiks are set to bring that incendiary live set around the UK supporting The One Hundred in May – full deets on that can be found after the jump,

Before then, light the flare and flip the table – ‘MEAT’ is at the top of the menu, and you can grab a taste on Dork first.