MAY-A has shared a video for her new single, ‘Apricots’

It's a good 'un.

MAY-A has shared a video for her new single, ‘Apricots’.

The 19-year-old Sydney-based newcomer’s latest track – just one of a handful so far – celebrates female friendship and relationships.

“‘Apricots’ is ultimately a story about a friendship between two girls but not in the traditional sense,” she says, “it is an inner dialogue between my head and my heart. This song is super important to me because I wrote it around the time that I was coming to terms with my sexuality and realizing I had feelings for a girl for the first time. I originally started writing it about a relationship, but as it evolved it became more about my current self talking to my past self.

“The lyric ‘Up in my mind we’re together, I’m sorry I forgot, you’re not looking for a person, that’s something you’ve already got” is basically me talking about my past and when I had a boyfriend. We didn’t really work well together at all, but I kept turning a blind eye to it because I thought that we looked good together when we really had nothing in common and were just super awkward all of the time. If I had known I liked girls I would never have gone there in the first place. The song is ultimately a letter to my younger self, helping her come to terms with the fact that she is looking for something ‘she doesn’t even know she wants’ and letting her know that that’s ok.’”

Check it out below.

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