Manchester alt-pop newcomers Mealtime have shared their latest single, ‘Sublime’

They've a new video 'n all.

Manchester newcomers Mealtime have shared their latest single, ‘Sublime’.

The follow-up to early teasers ‘Denim’ and ‘Teef’, the track is described by the alt-poppers as “our 2007 one-hit-wonder dance banger about temptation, excess and the joys of not keeping your conscience clean.”

There’s a new video, too – have a gander below.

The clip’s blurb explains: “The video finds all 6 members moving from the tedium of a dayjob into a limousine before ending up on a Babestation style chat line. It is a video that skewers the lad-centric FHM tropes of the early 2000s and continues Mealtime’s knack for never doing anything by halves.”

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