Meet Me @ The Altar are coming for the haters with new track ‘Say It (To My Face)’

A debut album from the trio is expected next year.

Meet Me @ The Altar have shared a brand new track, ‘Say It (To My Face)’.

With a debut album expected next year, the trio explain: “The song is essentially a diss track to all of our haters.”

“We all have a love/hate relationship with the internet – it quite literally brought us together, but people also use the internet as a crutch to help mask their insecurities behind a screen and try to project them on us a lot of the time. They never seem to have the guts to actually say it to our faces. We wrote this song and another of our favorite songs off the record on the same day in Calabasas with John Ryan and Steph Jones.

“The video serves as a real time portrayal of who we envision as the culprits when we see hateful comments left on our social media accusing us of everything from being industry plants to not playing our own instruments – like a Catfish-style expose to go see how your bullies are actually living (usually not well).

“When our fans listen to this song and encounter bullies in their day-to-day life, we want them to remember that those people are only cruel because they’re hurting! Part of growing up is figuring out how to not internalize anyone else’s bad vibes and just loving yourself instead.”

You can check out ‘Say It (To My Face)’ below.

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