Meet Me @ The Altar are releasing a deluxe edition of their debut album, ‘Past // Present // Future’, with a Freaky Friday cover included

Today, they're sharing another of the additional cuts, 'Give It Up'.

Meet Me @ The Altar have announced a deluxe edition of their debut studio album, ‘Past // Present // Future’, set to be released on 29th September.

The new edition will include four new tracks, one of which is a cover of the song ‘Take Me Away’ from the film Freaky Friday. Today, they’re sharing another of the additional cuts, ‘Give It Up’.

“‘Give It Up’ is a song about frustration,” they share. “It’s about feeling lost, confused, and indecisive about which way to go. A big takeaway from this song is that sometimes you need help figuring it out. Even though we love this song so much, we didn’t think it fit sonically with the initial tracklist of Past // Present // Future. We wanted the deluxe release to be a glimpse into another side of us, giving you a sound that’s fresh, new, and different.”

You can listen to ‘Give It Up’ below.

The full tracklisting for ‘Past // Present // Future (Deluxe edition)’ reads:

01 ‘Say It (To My Face)’
02 ‘Try’
03 ‘Kool’
04 ‘T.M.I’
05 ‘Same Language’
06 ‘A Few Tomorrows’
07 ‘Need Me’
08 ‘It’s Over For Me’
09 ‘Thx 4 Nothin’’
10 ‘Rocket Science’
11 ‘King Of Everything’
12 ‘Give It Up’
13 ‘Take Me Away (Freaky Friday Cover)’
14 ‘Strangers’
15 ‘Changes’

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