Metronomy have released a floral new video for ‘Love Factory’

It's the latest from their new (Top 10) album 'Small World'.

Metronomy have released a new video for ‘Love Factory’.

It’s the latest from their new (Top 10) album ‘Small World’, released earlier this year, and it sees the band dressing up as flowers.

Joe Mount says: “I love this video so much, it was really nice to flex a different part of our brains and to learn a little dance routine. I think it captures perfectly the excitement of spring… from a bee’s perspective.”

Director Sam Bailey adds: “The idea for this video came from watching bees hopping from bud to bud on a rosemary bush, indiscriminately having sweet little intimate interactions before moving onto the next one. The flowers became happy little dance partners to the bee as it moved around from station to station as if on a factory floor. It married up brilliantly with Joe’s lyrics and the uplifting feel of the track’s hazy musicality. I was thrilled that the band went for it. They threw everything at working with myself, choreographer Supple Nam and performers-supreme Majella Fitzgerald & Andrew Lyle-Pinnock to learn the Gene Kelly inspired routines. All of us behind the camera had a ball trying to emulate the ‘Singing In The Rain’ era of filmmaking by using heavy camera movements, colourful costumes and bright lights.”

Check it out below.

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