Is Miley Cyrus about to ‘do’ an entire album of rock music?

After responding on Twitter to one fan request, the answer is... yeah, maybe?

Is Miley Cyrus about to ‘do’ an entire album of rock music?

This isn’t a question we’ve plucked out of thin air, Dear Reader. It’s also one that can be answered in two words: ‘maybe, yeah?’

With seventh album ‘Plastic Hearts’ set to arrive on 27th November, and last week’s release of lead single Steve Nicks mashup ‘Edge of Midnight’, there’s a lot going on on planet Miley at the moment. That includes recent covers of Blondie classic ‘Heart of Glass’ and The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’.

All of which means there’s ‘an audience’ for something that showcases Miley’s unquestionable talent when it comes to belting out a pop-rock classic.

Indeed, one fan tweeted as such, stating: “Girls don’t want boyfriends, girls want Miley Cyrus to release an entire rock album.” And look! Miley responded!

“Fuck yes! Your wish is my command baby.”

Well then. Wouldn’t that be good? Yes. Yes, it would.

It’s yet another reason to love Miley. If you need a list of some of the others, you can find ten of them here, as given to us by pop newcomer and all-round good sort Lucy Deakin.

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