Milk Teeth have shared their new track, ‘Better’

Keep an eye out for their upcoming second album.

Milk Teeth have shared their new track, ‘Better’.

It’s a cut from their imminent self-titled second album, due for release on 27th March via Music For Nations – read all about it in the March issue of Upset.

The band say of the song: “Music has always been something that bonds us, that familiar friend that holds your hand through the bad times and watches on in the background as you celebrate your best ones. We believe that music, in light of the current global situation holds comfort now more than ever. You have all been in our thoughts and you aren’t alone if you would like a chat our socials, as always, are open.

“Our new song ‘Better’ is out today written at a time I didn’t know how I’d keep going – life throws us challenges we often can’t see a way out of but you are stronger than you know. Thank you to anybody who lets this song into their life. Keep signing petitions for renters rights, keep signing to support NHS workers and open privatised hospitals to the public, keep supporting your local independent businesses for your food and toiletries – lots of pubs, restaurants, corner shops and cafes are delivering locally whilst their doors can’t be open – your voice and actions hold great power. We love you all, thanks for your patience and continued support.”

Check it out below.

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