Mitch Rowland has shared ‘Bluebells’, a new taster of his debut album ‘Come June’

The record is set for release on 6th October.
Photo credit: Luke Atkinson

Mitch Rowland has shared a new taster of his debut album, ‘Come June’.

Titled ‘Bluebells’, it’s the opening track of the record, which is set for release on 6th October.

The song has a special meaning for Rowland. “This was the first song I finished after finding out my wife and I were having a baby,” he says. “We were stranded out in the English countryside for a little while and caught the bluebells blooming during that time. Seeing them is kind of like a wave goodbye to the cold. Quite a sight.”

Rowland, who moved to Los Angeles from Ohio in 2013 with dreams of a music career, found his big break in 2016. Working as a dishwasher at a pizza place and on the brink of giving up his dream, he was offered the opportunity to collaborate with Harry Styles on his debut album. This collaboration proved to be a turning point, resulting in hits like ‘Meet Me In The Hallway’, ‘Watermelon Sugar’, and ‘Golden’, and earning Rowland a spot in Styles’ touring band. It was here that he met his future wife, drummer Sarah Jones.

‘Come June’ represents a significant step in Rowland’s artistic journey. The album, which was conceived in 2019, was primarily written during the pandemic, a time that provided Rowland with the solitude he needed for inspiration.

You can check out ‘Bluebells’ below.

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