Mollie Coddled has debuted a Really Very Good, emotionally raw new bop, ‘Lonely Bitch’

She's set to play Dork's Night Out with Phoebe Green and Joey Maxwell next month.

Mollie Coddled has returned with a brand new track, ‘Lonely Bitch’.

The 20-year-old, self-produced Leeds popster explains: “This year, everyone’s social anxiety has shot through the roof. Having no chance to see old friends or make new ones and then trying to force ourselves back into social situations; I felt so insecure and alone, and I know everyone my age feels the same way.”

Hopefully not that anxious, because our Mollie is also set to appear at Dork’s Night Out on 10th November, where she’ll perform alongside Phoebe Green and Joey Maxwell. Tickets for that are on sale now, here.

An officially Really Very Good vibey, reverby, emotionally raw bop, you can check out ‘Lonely Bitch’ below. We’d keep an eye on Mollie. She’s going places.

And not just Headingly or the Morrisons in the Merrion Centre for a big shop. Actual places!

Yeah. Here’s the track.

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