Newcomer Molly Payton has returned with her first single of 2021, ‘Honey’

It's "about that moment in a relationship where things stop working as well as they used to".

Molly Payton has shared a brand new single – her first of 2021.

Titled ‘Honey’, the usually London-based 19-year-old is currently (understandably) back in her native New Zealand, meaning the track was completed remotely with frequent collaborator Oli Barton-Wood (Nilüfer Yanya, Porridge Radio, Sorry), as well as Grammy-award winning producer Jimmy Hogarth (Sia, Amy Winehouse) and British songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Following up on last year’s EP ‘Porcupine’, she explains: “Honey is about that moment in a relationship where things stop working as well as they used to. This song was me taking responsibility for my part in the decay of it all, acknowledging that I’d been distant and that I’d keep trying to make things work. I think there’s also an undercurrent of frustration with myself for letting my past interfere with my present. Like most songs I write it was mostly just me working through my own mind and emotions, but I guess the message of this song would be to make sure you’re not giving too much of yourself away. Take time to make sure you’re ok so that you can support the people you love.”

So there we go.

You can check out ‘Honey’ – via a spanking new video – below.

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