Molly Payton is previewing her new mini-album with another taster track, ‘When Skies Were Always Blue’

It's all leading up to the release of 'Slack' on 1st October.
Photo credit: Lewis Vorn

Molly Payton has shared another taster of her forthcoming mini-album ‘Slack’.

Titled ‘When Skies Were Always Blue’, she explains the track “is about learning how to live with disappointment, and how experiencing pain makes you appreciate joy that much more.”

“I wrote this song after dealing with some traumatic stuff and losing someone close to me, and I think in a way it was me trying to give myself a bit of hope and reminding myself that things would get better with time.”

“The video shows me coming back out from the inner chaos in Slack into the ‘real world’ after the relationship has ended,” she continues. “When you end things with someone it can often feel like you see them in everything, and in the video you see him popping up in every room of the house – I can’t escape him. From there it slips back and forth between reality and feverdreamish scenarios like an anxiety dream come to life.”

You can check out ‘When Skies Were Always Blue’ below. ‘Slack’ is set to arrive on 1st October.

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