Mono Club are going to release a new single next week

It follows on from 'Memory Critical', the video for which premiered right here on Dork.
Mono Club have announced they’re soon going to drop a new track.

‘Place Called Home’ will be released on Friday, 17th November via LGM Records. The self-produced effort follows on from recent track, ‘Memory Critical’, and is an early cut from upcoming debut album ‘Sky High and Submarine’, due early next year.

“The song was half finished and I met with Lyla [Foy, singer] with the intention of asking her to help me complete it as, to me, stylistically it was missing something,” explains frontman John Herbert.

“I was listening to a lot of Go-Betweens and B52’s at the time and wanted to hear a female voice on my song. I’d been a fan of hers for a long time and knew that she would understand where I was coming from.

“As soon as she’d sung the counter melody to me and I’d heard our voices together I knew it was right. I wanted her to inhabit the song rather than just guest on it and she does!

“In the end we not only did something great musically but we fell in love. Our being together now consumes me both personally and professionally.”

Watch previous single, ‘Memory Critical’ below.

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