Moon Panda have shared new track ‘Moonrise’ from their upcoming debut album

Debut album 'What On Earth' is set for release on 4th March.

Moon Panda have shared their new track ‘Moonrise’.

The dreamy psychedelic number is the latest cut from the Denmark-based duo’s upcoming debut album ‘What On Earth’, set for release on 4th March via Fierce Panda Records, following previous singles ‘Vacationer’ and ‘Cloud Watching’.

Vocalist and bassist Maddie Myers says: “This song has had so many lives. It started out being called Bmo, the name of our dog. It was basically a love song to her about how wild she was and how fast she could run. But she’s not too into music unfortunately, so we ended up changing the lyrics a few days before recording the album. Now it’s yet another song about Gustav and I taking on the hardships of life together, and ultimately choosing happiness. I think there’s a lot about choosing happiness and joy in this album. That’s a trick I’ve been practicing a lot lately.”

Check it out below.

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