Mrley has dropped his debut EP ‘Love You London’

The full release comes alongside lead single ‘Sat On The Fence’,

Mrley has dropped his debut EP ‘Love You London’.

The full release comes alongside lead single ‘Sat On The Fence’,

“Contrary to how upbeat ‘Sat On The Fence’ sounds sonically, this track was written from a pretty dark place,” he explains. “It was the start of the pandemic when any time you turned on a TV or the radio you were hearing about death rates and all kinds of bad news. Around this time I became obsessed with my own mortality and as a result of this the idea that my grandma (and the world) would never get to hear this music I was making. That mindset is where this track came from.”

To celebrate the release of the EP, Mrly will be performing a free show tonight at Brixton’s Baddest Skateshop. It will be his first solo performance, outside of supporting Wu-Lu last month.

Speaking about the EP Mrley says: “’Love you London’ being out will always be symbolic to me as it marks a moment in my life where I took a risk completely unsure of the potential outcomes, losing a familiar identity and genre to show my true self to the world. It’s also a reminder not to get fixated on the fast lane and take time to find out what exactly you want to bring to the world.”

As well as the EP, Mrley has also created his very own ‘Rock’n’Hot’ Sauce. Made in collaboration with London based Bozzo Mcsqueezy it contains habanero, mango, onion, garlic, gochujang and ginger.

You can stream ‘Love You London’ below.

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