Muck Spreader are teasing their new EP with lead single, ‘Carnal Tongues’

"The muck has been spread."

Muck Spreader are teasing their new EP with lead single, ‘Carnal Tongues’.

It’s an early cut from the band – billed as “a fully improvised project” – ahead of their ‘Rodeo Mistakes’ EP, due on 4th September via Brace Yourself Records.

“Hop into the passenger side, hitch a ride into an abyss of sonic ecstasy,” they say of the song. “At the wheel an unreliable narrator, in the back seat Muck Spreader shifting gears as you move fast through bat country.

“We got something for everyone, what could go wrong? The vehicle screeches across the road, bursts of acceleration until you lose consciousness. As you wake the trip is over and you’re back where you started, forever changed. The muck has been spread.”

The record’s full tracklisting reads:

1. Paraphenalic
2. Carnal Tongues
3. Indefinitely Beach
4. Rodeo Mistakes
5. Draw Knife

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