Futurepopster Muki has dropped a brand new banger, ‘I Make Boys Cry’

"This song is essentially a ballad it is explored in the context of a wannabe Kylie Minogue dance anthem.”
Photo credit: Georgia Tulett

We all have hobbies. Bit of stamp collecting, maybe some crochet, spotting a good steam train. Futurepop newcomer from Down Under Muki has a much better pastime; making boring old boys thoroughly miserable.

That’s what we’re taking from her brand new single, ‘I Make Boys Cry’, anyway.

Already packing collabs with Slayyyter and The Veronicas, two ARIA Award nominations for songwriting, and support duties on a 5SOS arena tour – the track heralds the announcement of a new EP, ‘Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1’, which is set to follow this summer.

Speaking about the single, Muki explains: “It was originally meant to be a ballad. I had just gotten out of a relationship and was being made to feel guilty and responsible for upsetting my ex.

“I wanted to explore these darker themes but ended up twisting the messaging by sugar coating it with fun synths to make it sound spicy. Even though this song is essentially a ballad it is explored in the context of a wannabe Kylie Minogue dance anthem.”

Wannabe Kylie Minogue dance anthems are very much what Dork is about, Dear Reader.

For each track from this EP, there’ll be a one minute visual, interconnecting to establish what is described as ‘The Mukiverse’. That started with previous single ‘Level Mind Fuck’ (LMF), which leads into the new clip for ‘I Make Boys Cry’.

“After reaching ‘Level Mind Fuck’ in the elevator, the doors open into ‘The Mukiverse’; an alternate universe representing the crazy delusional fantasies and the chaotic shit that happens in my brain,” Muki reveals. “I wanted to create this lazy work-out aesthetic with nonchalant ‘glam-aerobics’ attitude; bottles of Rosé in place of weights and beautiful men bouncing on Swiss balls.”

You can check out a lyric video for new single ‘I Make Boys Cry’, and the first two ‘Mukiverse’ instalments below.

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