MUNA dazzle on US telly with a defiant performance of ‘I Know A Place’

Standing well and truly up to the bullshit going on, it’s another sign as to how vital this band are about become
A lot of bands when they jump on telly stick right to the script, petrified of falling flat on their faces. Then there’s the bands who seize the moment to make their voice heard and leave a moment which you’ll keep going clicking replay on when you save it to your favourites on YouTube. We like the latter – and MUNA have slam-dunked their own moment with a slot on US telly show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.

With debut album ‘About U’ out in the world, the trio delivered a heavyweight performance of tracks ‘Crying On The Bathroom Floor’ and ‘I Know A Place’ – with the latter seeing the band perform in front of a poem titled ‘The New Colussus’ which sits pride of place inside the Statue Of Liberty, and is seen as a definitive welcome to those coming to the US for a better life.

Not only that, but the performance also saw lead singer Katie Gavin add some more lyrics into the number – decrying the current state of affairs in the US by singing:

Even if our skin or or Gods look different,

I believe all human life is significant,

I throw my arms open wide in resistance,

He’s not my leader even if he’s my president

MUNA aren’t just incredible, but bloody important. Check out both performances below, and witness a sensation born in front of ya eyes

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