Mura Masa has released a new video for his latest single, ‘Rise’

"It's a scrappy, low budget, simple video," he explains.

Mura Masa has dropped a new video.

It’s for his track ‘Rise’, which recently arrived as part of a double-single with ‘Gimme’ following both his recent singles ‘Drugs’ and ‘Whenever I Want’, and his third studio album, ‘Demon Time’, which was released in September of last year.

Speaking about the clip, he explains: “I really love this video because it germinated from an idea I had that’s very hard to achieve without the right tech; the ability to make direct, aggressive contact with the point of view of the camera. That kinetic charge and force was always the motivator behind the movement of the video (as per the energy of the song) and we could only really achieve that by taking advantage of the iPhone’s small footprint and new video capabilities.

“We built our own self righting/protective rigs for the phone, invited a lot of fans and friends down and had fun. It’s a scrappy, low budget, simple video that looks way more artful than it ought to and I think has a lot of beauty in it thanks to [co-directors] the Reids. I think it’s an essential complement to the song and a great exploration of my current obsession with simplicity and execution.”

Check out the new video below.

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