Muse are being Muse with their latest track ‘Thought Contagion’

You know what you expect? It's that. It's definitely that.
Muse have revealed a brand new track.

Titled ‘Thought Contagion’, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Matt Bellamy’s crew in 2018. It comes with an out there video too, which you can check out below.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Bellamy explains the track is inspired by “watching American news stations”.

“We’re living in an age where these sort of ideologies, people’s belief systems, whether they are true or false, are getting a lot of air time, especially ones on the false side,” he explains. “I think that we’re living in an unusual period where a lot of airtime is being given to crazy ideas. The flip side is that we’re living in a time where pointing out someone’s inaccuracies, using science for example, is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes it’s even perceived as an insensitive thing to do.”

In another interview with KROQ, Bellamy reveals the band have another “seven or eight songs in the bag” and are looking for ten to finish the new album, which has been inspired by Black Mirror.

Obviously, right?

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