Mystery Jets have announced their own podcast series: ‘Things Worth Fighting For’

The series will feature IDLES’ Joe Talbot, Ed O’Brien from Radiohead and many more

Mystery Jets have announced the launch of a new podcast series, titled ‘Things Worth Fighting For’

Presented and hosted by the Jets own Blaine Harrison, the podcast series will delve into stories of resilience from a range of different figures (whether that’s musicians, activists, comedians or writers) – talking about the times they have overcome adversity and how they have used that experience to inspire others.

Tackling subjects such as Climate Change, Justice for Grenfell, Female Role Models & Gender Equality; Racial & Class Discrimination in Britain, Toxic Masculinity, The NHS & disabled rights, and Mental Health in the Digital Age amongst others – the series will launch on June 1st with Blaine talking to Josie Naughton from Help Refugees.

Further guests set to appear across the weeks include IDLES’ Joe Talbot, Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Billy Bragg and representatives from the likes of the PDSA/WWF, Justice For Grenfell and Women Don’t Owe You Pretty.

Things Worth Fighting For (Trailer) | Things Worth Fighting For on acast

“Things Worth Fighting For” is a brand new podcast, hosted by Blaine Harrison from Mystery Jets, which explores stories of resilience from writers, musicians, comedians and activists who have not only had to overcome adversity but used their voice to empower others in the fight for social justice.

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