Mystery Jets’ new album ‘A Billion Heartbeats’ is due in September

Check out new song 'Screwdriver'.

Mystery Jets have announced their new album, ‘A Billion Heartbeats’.

Due on 27th September via Caroline International, news of their sixth full-length arrives alongside teaser-track ‘Screwdriver’ – check it out below.

Blaine Harrison says of the song: “Screwdriver is about the mechanics of intolerance. Looking back at times of economic instability in history, we see how easily deep chasms grow in society and the population seeks change wherever it is most convincingly promised.

“Conflict arises as cultures and belief systems clash, unwilling to accept one another’s place in society, because we are fed the rhetoric that our neighbours are those responsible for our problems: then inevitably nationalism once more raises its ugly head above the parapet. But whereas political agendas fuel divisiveness, music unites and reminds us of all that we have in common.

“The message of Screwdriver is not a pessimistic one – because perhaps faced with confrontation we can find understanding, and even maybe learn how to listen to, and love one another.”

The band are on tour in the UK this November.

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