Nasty Cherry are about to drop their new single ‘Her Body’, written with Charli XCX

The band have a new EP coming up, which you can read all about in the April issue of Dork.

Nasty Cherry have are about to share another new track.

Taken from an upcoming EP due in spring via Vroom Vroom Recordings, ‘Her Body’ was co-written with Charli XCX and Yves Rothman, and will arrive on Friday, 19th March.

Georgia Somary explains in the April issue of Dork: “We wrote ‘Her Body’ with Yves [Rothman] last August. Debbie flew out to LA so we could all write together, and it felt so special to be able to spend time together as a band during the pandemic, and also to work with one producer on the whole body of work for a good chunk of time, as we haven’t done that before. The whole atmosphere was so fun and close, and we were all bringing our own references and ideas to melodies and lyrics, but at the same time feeling super connected and in sync, both musically and menstrual cycle wise.

“Charli joined us in the studio for a couple of days, and ‘Her Body’ came out of one of those sessions. She came in and found us all playing guitars, all shouting ideas at each other, just super hyped, and Yves joining in. It was so chaotic and probably a nightmare for her at first, I remember we were acting out scenes from a feature-length action film music video we wanted to make.

“It’s really cool working with her because she can express her feelings and ideas for melodies and instrumentation so clearly and concisely, and she kind of taught us how to do that too, so you feel like the songs you’re writing fall out of you in a really beautiful way, and you all have this truly shared understanding of what you’re making. It’s not like one person is solely responsible for any one element of the writing, which feels very special.

“Lyrically, it’s about someone fucking you over for another woman. There’s some of all of us in there – it’s spiky and cocky and a bit teasing, but also insecure, and you can dance to it. It’s emotionally very pure and honest, and I think that came from having written it with Charli and Yves, who we love, and also with each other during a time when we really got to appreciate each other and be open with each other. I love this song so much because I can hear all 6 of us so clearly in it, all riding the same wave.”

Keep an eye (ear?) out for the song on Friday.

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