Never Not Nothing have kickstarted an experimental new EP series with their fun new track, ‘Maximum’

Be maximum.

Never Not Nothing have launched a new EP series with their track ‘Maximum’.

It’s a taster from their ‘Art Ritual 001 EP’, due this spring via Music For Nations, the first in a series that will see them experimenting between albums.

About the new track, Space says: “Maximum is a vibrant rallying blast of hope. It’s based around the idea that our species could and should evolve into being a great protector and nurturer of life and biodiversity. It is a reminder to myself that all of our norms today like evolution, washing your hands and recycling, were considered radical and preposterous ideas when proposed! It’s ok to be a dreamer, an idealist, an outsider. To be a ‘space cadet’ manifesting visions of a wilder future. Be Maximum!”

Of the EP, he adds: “We dreamed up the Art Ritual as a series of EP releases to give ourselves a creative vehicle to experiment, collaborate and exorcise incessant ideas between albums. In them we found much more than that as we watched the world plunge into increasing turmoil, showing all the cracks and importantly the potential for change. Art Rituals are a subversive act of independence, craft ceremonies that gave us a way to regain some semblance of control and perspective for our environment. The ability to create, to manifest positive change through music, and to dream up our very own Niceage, all stopped us from losing our minds to the ether. The short format also gave us the freedom to treat each song as its own sonic world, chasing intent and meaning down the rabbit hole to achieve maximum potency.”

Check out ‘Maximum’ below.

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