Is there a new Empire Of The Sun single called ‘High And Low’?

Reports are flowing that Australia’s synth-pop mixers may be returning.
It appears that Empire Of The Sun, the guys that seem to soundtrack every summer montage video of the past 6 years, may be returning with a brand new single called ‘High And Low’

According to reports, the Aussie duo made up of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore are set to drop the new single at the end of August, ahead of a smattering of US festival appearances at Life Is Beautiful Festival and The Meadows.

If true, the single would surely come from their upcoming third studio album, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Ice On The Dune’ and something they’ve been talking about for a while now

Speaking about a new record earlier in the year, Steele described the record as a ‘warm summer breeze, a warm record, a record that feels good. Everyone says it’s our best record – but I suppose people always say that!’

As long as it’s more synthy bangers, then we’re happy!

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