New music from The 1975 will start landing in August, according to Matty Healy

Though - by his own admission - he's sort of into "this real-time expression culture phase".

We have an update on when we’ll start getting new material from The 1975 again, Dear Reader.

After a suggestion we’d be getting the first track from next project ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ at the end of May / start of June, those goal posts recently started to slip slightly. That’s no surprise, though – the band have been on tour ‘all over the place’, working as they go. When it’s ready, it’ll be ready.

Still, we’ll seemingly have new material by the time they hit the stage at Reading & Leeds at the end of the summer, as Matty Healy has told BBC Radio 1 that they’re going to start delivering new music in August.

“One of the reasons that I wanted to do two records is because we’re in this real-time expression culture phase,” he explained. “The way that people are talking to their audience and people are consuming music is so different, so I wasn’t afraid to be like, ‘I’ve changed my mind’, or ‘I think it’s coming out in May’, ‘Actually I haven’t even finished it yet’. The main decision I’ve made is that I couldn’t decide whether to put music out first, or just drop a record. I’ve now decided that I do want to put music out first, so starting in August we’re going to start putting songs out.”

“I think that because the traditional media channels are so different now, the discovery phase a lot of the time is in people’s phones and that that provokes so much change. We’re in quite a deconstructed phase. I’ve done very hyper-stylised stuff my whole life, even to the way we put stuff out you know, on a certain day, but now I’ve embraced the freeform modern mania. You see artists like Billie Eilish, and it’s pretty inspiring.”

So, we’ve a little bit to wait, but we will be getting songs before the album Really Quite Soon. Consider us ‘updated’.

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