New Nine Inch Nails in September rumours? Trent Reznor says no

We're expecting something new at some point still, though.
Poor Trent Reznor. The Nine Inch Nails frontman has had to tweet for the first time in over six months, to tell us all off for speculating about new material.

Rumours began circulating yesterday (August 3rd) that a new single from the band, titled ‘Dive And Slam’ was pencilled in for September.

A Reddit user, claiming to be an ‘industry inside source’, posted an image of a supposed Columbia Records release schedule, showing a release planned for September 16th.

However, it didn’t take Reznor long to slam that down. Or many words in fact, simply tweeting “Not true”.

You have to hand it to that Reddit user though. They’re sticking to their story – claiming ‘Not True’ is the album title, and it’ll be out in November. Presumably the second single will be ‘Nah m8, probs not, nice go though’.

[Spoiler] Next single from nin

We are expecting something new from Nine Inch Nails soon, however, so keep ‘em peeled.

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