Nieve Ella is continuing her tour of domestic hangouts with her Really Very Good new single, ‘Your Room’

There's also at least one copy of Dork in the video, which is the most important thing here.

Nieve Ella has dropped her latest domestic-hangout-based track, ‘Your Room’.

Following up on the previously shared ‘His Sofa’ and ‘Big House’, Nieve is continuing her tour with a Really Very Good new single, that comes alongside a Really Very Good new video. And yes, we are saying that almost entirely because there’s a copy of Dork in it. We’re so vain.

“I used to feel so defined by what other people thought of me, it felt like such a weight on my shoulders and really brought me down. I wanted a song that felt like it lifted all of that away.” explains Nieve. “It’s hard in the moment to sometimes remember how far I’ve come and how much has changed in my life, and this song is a celebration of that and everything I have today.”

The track comes alongside news of a new EP, ‘Lifetime of Wanting’, which is set to arrive on 1st September via AWAL Recordings.

You can check out ‘Your Room’ below.

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