Nijuu announces the release of her debut EP ‘nijuu in the sea’ with new track ‘Blue’

‘nijuu in the sea’ arrives on June 25th

Nijuu has announced details of her debut EP ‘nijuu in the sea’ – tying nicely with the release of new single ‘Blue’

Following on from previous releases ‘Deep Down’ and ‘Sand Castle’, ‘Blue’ is a hypnotic low-fi pop lullaby that shoots straight for the heart

The South Korea via South-East London favourite will release her debut EP ‘nijuu in the sea’ on June 25th, with EP tracks conceptually being based on fairytales written by Nijuu. Covering a range of topics, Nijuu explains: “The sea is my world. It’s both my consolation and my limitation. Since I was fourteen, I’ve been thinking the entire world is the sea. I imagined I might be a fish but I live on the ground. Or I might be a person and everyone else is a sea creature. The water always made me feel free. But it has another meaning to me. We were in the water in our mum’s womb, but after we’re born, we can’t breathe underwater.”

Click play on ‘Blue’ below:

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