NiNE8 Collective have dropped a brand new single, ‘Luv U Do’

It's a collab between members Lava La Rue, Nige, Mac Wetha, Lorenzorsv and Bone Slim.

NiNE8 Collective have dropped a brand new single.

Called ‘Luv U Do’, it’s a collab between members Lava La Rue, Nige, Mac Wetha, Lorenzorsv and Bone Slim, and comes alongside a LAVALAND TV directed vid which follows various NiNE8 members through a London night.

Lava La Rue explains:

“‘Luv U Do’ was my first ever contribution of co-production made specifically for the collective, me and Nige started off the instrumental together with some drums & pad that I wanted to give a UK trip hop Massive Attack/Moby-era of early 2000s trancey music. I feel like it’s coming back. Mac Wetha and Bone were also present in the studio and I thought ‘since Mac is normally the one behind the laptop, he should be one of the first to get up and perform a verse while myself and Nige engineer’.”

Lorenzo adds: “I came onto the song with it 90% done but straight away I knew what I had to do. Each person touched on past experiences they had based off love, similarly I told my own truths on the song and it’s sick because even though we all have had different experiences, the song makes sense and wouldn’t work with anyone’s verses missing.” And Bone Slim shares “I wrote the verse inspired by the compromise of one’s own mental health and the effects of the unfortunate events that stem from it on a relationship. The time I was living in was turbulent and it was a real self identifying moment deciphering what certain problems with people in my life meant.”

You can check out ‘Luv U Do’ below.

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