NOAHFINNCE offers up a sneak peak of what’s to come with new single ‘I Know Better’

"The song has the same angst and sarcasm as my old stuff but with a darker sound."

NOAHFINNCE has released a new single, ‘I Know Better’.

The song follows on from his recent team up with Bears In Trees for ‘No Point Pretending (Song For Tour)’.

He comments: “I Know Better is about feeling yourself falling into unhealthy coping mechanisms and heading towards a breakdown but not having the motivation to stop yourself. 

“I wrote the first half of the song when I could feel my mental health getting worse and worse and I finished the song after the inevitable breakdown. It was interesting to finish the song with a new perspective and see how self-aware but also self-destructive I was being. It was a very unique experience trying to get back into the headspace of anticipating a breakdown when you’ve only just managed to get out of it. 

“I’d definitely say this song is a slight sneak peak of what’s to come. The song has the same angst and sarcasm as my old stuff but with a darker sound.”

Check it out below.

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