NOBRO have released a “dumb rock song about getting older” – check out ‘Let’s Do Drugs’

It's a fun one.
Photo credit: Daniel Esteban

NOBRO are back with a new single, ‘Let’s Do Drugs’.

Out now via Dine Alone Records, it follows on from 2022’s ‘Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar’, and arrives ahead of a handful of live shows in Canada.

“‘Let’s Do Drugs’ is a dumb rock song about getting older,” they explain. “It’s about wanting to have one more wild night, while having no business doing so and failing miserably. Musically it’s a middle ground between maybe ‘Fight for your right to party’ and ‘dirty deeds’, but only the dumbest bits of those songs, but distilled into something even more ridiculous. It’s like shotgunning a beer then immediately puking on yourself.”

Check it out below.

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