Of course Declan McKenna has made the national papers with his video of a pizza eating squirrel

Yep, we admit it, we're covering this one for the headline.
Your boy Declan McKenna is smart. He knows how to promote his album. It’s not via press releases. It’s not even by new tracks and music related buzz. Nope, it’s by pizzas and squirrels and pigeons.

Obviously. We don’t know why everyone isn’t at it.

Yep, our Dec has shown up on the Daily Mirror’s website, after documenting a real life drama yesterday on Twitter. Drawing comparisons (from us) to a young David Attenborough, Deccers looked on as a squirrel attempted to make a getaway with a slice of pizza, only to be foiled by a swarm of hungry pigeons.





What we didn’t expect is for those tweets to then show up on a national newspaper’s website. The lead is the squirrel, obviously, even though he doesn’t have a debut album set for release this July.


Word is yet to reach us on what festivals our bushy, pizza loving friend will be playing this summer.

Yes. This is news. Shut up.

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