Oh Sees have announced a new double-album, and dropped a noodly 21-minute track called ‘Henchlock’

Twenty. One. Minutes.

Oh Sees have announced a new record and dropped a 21-minute track called ‘Henchlock’.

The double-album is called ‘Face Stabber’, and it’s due on 16th August via Castle Face Records.

“This album is Soundcloud hip-hop reversed, a far flung nemesis of contemporary country and flaccid algorithmic pop-barf,” says John Dwyer. “No songs about money or love are floating in the ether. Just memories, echoes, foggy blurs.”

The full track listing reads:

01. The Daily Heavy
02. The Experimenter
03. Face Stabber
04. Snickersnee
05. Fu Xi
06. Scutum & Scorpius
07. Gholü
08. Poisoned Stones
09. Psy-Ops Dispatch
10. S.S. Luker’s Mom
11. Heartworm
12. Together Tomorrow
13. Captain Loosely
14. Henchlock

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