Olivia Dean has announced her debut album, ‘Messy’

She's also shared new single 'Dive'
Photo credit: PETROS

Olivia Dean has shared the news that her hotly awaited debut album is on the way. Titled ‘Messy’, it will arrive on 30th June.

She also has dropped her new single ‘Dive’, which follows on from releases ‘Danger’ and ‘UFO’.

Speaking about her debut, Olivia says: “Even with the sonics of the record, I’ve left a lot of sound in there, of talking, of the piano pedals. I like that it sounds human. On the title track, there’s a layer of me doing mouth trumpet sounds that was just meant to be a placeholder and I was like let’s just keep it! There’s no rules!” she laughs. “I tried to just expel people’s voices from my mind about what I was supposed to make or what would be cool or what would be the most successful thing for me to make and made stuff that I want to listen to.” The project ushers you seamlessly through a patchwork of different atmospheres, gathered together into beautifully organised chaos. At times it’s jazz-filled, at others futuristic, pared back and intimate in moments then playfully bold in the ones that follow. “There’s a vocoder and guitar Imogen Heap-thing and then there’s Motown Diana Ross-mode. And the last song’s this kind of orchestral thing. It’s just a whole mix. Because why not? I feel like this album is a big fuck you to genre,”

The full track listing for ‘Messy’ reads:

Ladies Room
No Man
Dangerously Easy 
Getting There (Interlude)
The Hardest Part
I Could Be A Florist
Everybody’s Crazy

You can check out ‘Dive’ here:

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