Are we getting new Olivia Rodrigo music on 30th June? She’s teasing the date again…

It's the second piece of evidence that something will happen at the end of June.
Photo credit: Patrick Gunning

A while ago we suggested you should maybe keep an eye on Olivia Rodrigo‘s activities on 30th June. Now, after a new photo posted to Instagram, we’re doubling down on that prediction.

Sharing the image to the social network yesterday, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a calendar in the background with 30th June marked with a big heart-shaped mark.

This follows a swap on her merch line, which highlighted the same date.

Earlier this month, the date on Olivia’s ‘Drivers Licence’ merch changed from the original release date of the song to 30th June. 30th June is a Friday. New music comes on Fridays.

Recently, singer celebrated the second anniversary of her debut album, ‘Sour’ by sharing a note via her newsletter containing a not-so-hidden indication that ‘OR2’ may be with us very soon.

She later shared a few photos on Instagram to mark the occasion, with the caption: “the new stuff is so so so so so close to being done I pinky promise”.

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