Olivia Rodrigo has dropped the latest cut from ‘GUTS’, new single ‘bad idea right?’

Second album 'GUTS' is set to arrive on 8th September.
Photo Credit: Larissa Hofmann

Olivia Rodrigo has released a new single.

The latest from her second album ‘GUTS’, ‘bad idea right?’ follows on from the album’s lead single ‘Vampire’.

“For me, this album is about growing pains and trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life,” Olivia explains of the album. “I feel like I grew 10 years between the ages of 18 and 20—it was such an intense period of awkwardness and change. I think that’s all just a natural part of growth, and hopefully the album reflects that.”

Check out the new single below.

‘Guts’ is set for release on 8th September. The tracklist reads:

1. all american bitch
2. bad idea right?
3. vampire
4. lacy
5. ballad of a homeschool girl
6. making the bed
7. logical
8. get him back
9. love is embarrassing
10. the grudge
11. pretty isn’t pretty
12. teenage dream

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