On Video have debuted their new single and video combo, ‘Bête Noire’

It's an early teaser from their upcoming EP.

East London foursome On Video have debuted their new single and video combo, ‘Bête Noire’.

Out today, Monday 4th May, via Permanent Creeps Records, the song was inspired in part by the mischievous early years of bassist George Williams, and a teacher who was pretty rude tbqh.

Front person Hassan Anderson explains: “[He] was very misbehaved in his early days at school and was told by a teacher: “you, boy, have a Bete Noire inside of you”. The teacher issued young George with a card that read “Bête Noire” and instructed him to keep it in his bag to always remind him of who he was.

“George later found out that the phrase “Bête Noire” translates to “Black Beast” in French. Since then George has made minimal improvements. This song aims to document that.” “The track is more generally about the experience of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and the stigmas that come with that.”

Of the accompanying clip, they add: “The video is a montage of all of the best and most regrettable moments that we’ve had in the band whilst on tour, in the studio or hanging out. The song ‘Bete Noire’ is loosely based on the life and times of band member George Williams, so he opens up the show.”

Give it a watch below, and keep an eye out for news of their new EP, ‘Stuntman’.

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