On Video embrace their fate with new single (and debut EP title-track), ‘Stuntman’

Give it a listen. 

On Video have debuted their new single, ‘Stuntman’.

Out now via Permanent Creeps Records, the follow-up to ‘Bête Noire’ is the title-track from the East London foursome’s upcoming debut EP.

Singer/guitarist Hassan Anderson says: “‘Stuntman’ is roughly about tripping up so many times that you start to make an art of it. It’s a personal song but also makes a more general claim about living with the certainty of finitude and embracing your fate with a kind of gallows humour. Musically, the rhythm of the drums and the guitar stabs are inspired by the proto-grime instrumental “Pulse X” by Youngstar.

“Grime has had a huge influence on my songwriting and the history of early grime/eski-beat is a personal passion of mine. It really has a lot in common with punk and as writer Dan Hancox puts it: “The spirit of the [early grime] period echoes the famous punk mantra, ‘Here’s a chord. Here’s another. Here’s a third. Now form a band.’ It’s this energy that we are attempting to pay homage to with the tune.”

Give it an airing below.

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