Orchards are back with a new track, ‘Drive Me Home’, and news of an upcoming EP

'Trust Issues' is set to arrive next month via Big Scary Monsters.

Orchards have announced a new EP, ‘Trust Issues’.

Set for release on 26th November via Big Scary Monsters, the five-track effort follows on from their 2020 debut album ‘Lovecore’, and will arrive ahead of a February-March UK tour. They’ve also shared new “anti love song”, ‘Drive Me Home’.

The band explain: “It’s that moment when you’re out and you see your ex who’s wrecked and even though you know you shouldn’t help because it ended horribly, you know full well you’re going to look after them regardless. It’s that moment. That brief moment in time when you care for someone you used to love.

“It’s rare we write love songs but the lyrics in this one really resonate with us. The chorus is the constant streaming of the street lights on that midnight drive, the verses are your inner monologue when you see them across the room and the middle 8 is you convincing yourself that leaving again is the right thing to do. We hope like all our songs you can find some validation in this one, but we’ve got a feeling everyones been there and experienced this.”

Of the full Ep, singer Lucy Evers adds: “2020 has given us trust issues, hence the name of the record. This EP is an angry (yet happy, we’re still on brand!) call out to all the things that have given us trust issues in the last year. We’re not keeping our mouths shut now. I always say I’ll never write lyrics about something I haven’t personally experienced, and at this point I’ve experienced enough in the last year to last me a lifetime.”

The tracklisting reads

Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)
Wrong Shoes
Drive Me Home
Bye, Insecurity

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